Practice Tests - Quiz No. 1

Directions: This test contains 50 questions. Each question has four suggested answers, (A),(B), (C) or (D). For each question, choose the ONE that best answers it.
1:The health care provider who works to improve the patient's ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL's) is the:

2:The health care provider who provides special foot care for the patient is the:

3:The CNA report incidents to the:

4:Hospice care is provided to patients who are:

5:The duties of the CNA are listed in the:

6:When communicating with a patient in a wheelchair:

7:You are behind a hearing-impaired patient in a wheelchair. Before pushing him, you should:

8:When beginning a conversation with a vision-impaired patient, you should:

9:A patient who is diagnosed with aphasia is:

10:To improve communication with developmentally disabled patients, you should: